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Did you know that we spend an average of 650 hours on emails a year and 13 hours a week? Most people are productive only about 60% of their available work time. That means that during a 5-day work week, only 3 of those days would result in productive time. 

Business transformation, working productively and cybersecurity could be your ticket to a better, healthier business. You might be losing up to $5,150/year due to email productivity loss alone for each of your employees! Curious to learn more? In the eBook, you’ll find:

  • How employee experience empowers workforces to be more productive
  • Business transformation and cost-saving productivity tricks
  • Where and why your employees are losing efficiency and time
  • How to turn the numbers around and leverage the latest methods and tools to improve productivity
  • How to easily spot scams and stay secure

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About Creospark

Business transformation is our expertise at Creospark. However, we focus on the people, rather than the technologyMicrosoft 365, Microsoft and the cloud have no secret for us, whether you are in a 10 people business or a 20,000 people enterprise. Our goal is to transform your workplace into a collaborative environment for your people to work better, faster, and smarter.

We fuel teams to be more productive, while making work more fun. We don’t just complete the work but explain the why, and the art of the possible.


Collaborating in the cloud

With Microsoft 365 and Creospark, get the flexibility you need to get work done on the go with access to email, calendars, file storage, a hub for teamwork, and productivity apps that work together as one comprehensive solution.

Check out this quick document to learn how your business could benefit from a better collaboration: 


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Want to know if your business is ready for its digital transformation and identify areas for improvement? If you’re familiar with these situations, we can help:

  • You're paying for Microsoft 365, but aren't using half of what's included
  • You often lose files, have tedious business processes and lose time with repetitive tasks
  • You know your team can leverage Teams better and increase your collaboration