The only thing harder than transformation is failing to transform. 

The business landscape is changing, narrowing down on AI to work better, smarter, and faster. If your digital transformation isn’t following suit, you’re missing out on lost revenue and the opportunity to embrace the new future of work. 

Creospark aims to empower people to work how they want with the latest technology. Whether you're looking to automate repetitive tasks, deploy generative AI, or secure your cloud — we’ll meet you at every step of the way.  

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“Creospark introduced us to a modern digital workplace intranet solution. They were passionate from the get-go that this solution was ideal for us. They ran the implementation with calm ease and provided tremendous levels of added value through their extensive expertise. We are fortunate to have worked with Creospark on this project and are excited to work with them on future projects."

Senior Vice President IT & Finance


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About Creospark

Creospark was founded from a dream to create something different: a company that cares about others and focuses on giving back. We’re an IT business partner devoted to empowering organizations of any size to work the way they want to, whether that’s in a physical office or together in the cloud. 

Committed to helping businesses understand, adopt, and love their technology, we specialize in building digital solutions powered by Microsoft 365, Copilot, Viva, the Power Platform, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Teams, and Azure. Our solutions inspire teamwork, promote data-driven problem-solving, streamline business processes, and empower teams to accomplish more.  


Transform the way your team works today

Did you know that we spend an average of 650 hours on emails a year? Most people are productive only about 60% of their available work time. That means that during a 5-day work week, only 3 of those days would result in productive time.Get back valuable time with process transformation.