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AnnouncementCreospark and PixelMill Join Forces to Transform the Way We Work.

Learn what this means for the future of the Modern Workplace.

Since 1998, PixelMill has been at the forefront of Microsoft technologies in pursuit of delivering the ideal digital employee experience. Forging the intranet space with artistic prowess and adept development chops, PixelMill claimed the SharePoint branding space for years. As technology and the way we work evolved, PixelMill too broadened its expertise, delivering custom digital workspaces to enterprise organizations across the globe.

Creospark was founded from a dream to create a different company, one that cares about others. The company prides itself on being a people-first organization, with a strong belief in giving back through supporting technical communities. Dedicated to helping organizations understand, adopt, and love their technology, Creospark empowers organizations to work the way they want, whether in a physical office or together, securely in the cloud. With strong expertise in Microsoft Cloud technologies, Creospark enables organizations in 3 different ways: by enabling remote workforces through the Hybrid Office practice; By automating complex processes via the Process Transformation practice; and by making sure people, devices, files and data are stored and handled securely. 

The business landscape is changing, accelerating the need for better collaboration, better employee engagement, and more human communications.  As the demand and requirements of a digital workspace continue to increase, solutions too much expand, which is why Creospark and PixelMill are thrilled to announce the merger of their services. Together, PixelMill and Creospark now offer more: more experts, more offerings, more flexibility, and more opportunities for their clients and team.

The combined roster now includes three Microsoft MVPs, a Microsoft Regional Director, a Microsoft Alumni, and a diverse team of technologists with more than 40 certifications. Guided by leadership with direct access to Microsoft product groups, they are at the forefront of the Microsoft ecosystem. This means their clients get the most value out of their Microsoft investment today while preparing them for what's ahead.  

“Our team's broad knowledge across platforms, applications, and technologies allows us to deliver truly holistic solutions that address the complex challenges our clients are facing. With more than 150 digital workspaces delivered over the past 22 years, our teams draw from vast knowledge across industries and project types."

– Eric Overfield, President & Co-Founder of PixelMill 

The two team's diverse skills bring both breadth and depth to their offerings. With PixelMill's mastery in digital workspace creation and adoption combined with Creospark's expertise in hybrid office, automation, and cloud security, they deliver solutions that can transform an entire organization.  

"Along with PixelMill’s extensive knowledge of the digital workspace landscape, and their refined design and development skills, we can tailor solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs. Digital transformation starts with your people, your business, and your processes, in that order. Together with PixelMill, we can tailor our offerings to empower businesses to transform their way, at their pace.”
– Noorez Khamis VP of Technology and Co-Founder of Creospark

Together PixelMill and Creospark can match their clients’ needs, no matter where they are in their technology journey.  

“We can deliver cost-effective out-of-the-box solutions to highly customized tailored tools and anywhere in between. Organizations can now tap into security professionals that bring peace of mind, cross-platform specialists who streamline processes and automate the mundane, and skilled developers who build tailored solutions that enable our clients to work the way they want.”

– Noorez Khamis VP of Technology and Co-Founder of Creospark 

While these two teams bring different skills and experiences, their core values and missions are aligned.  

“The digital employee experience is arguably more important today than it ever has been before, and we don't take this lightly. We spend a lot of time at work, and for many of us, that means behind a screen. We're dedicated to making that time more enjoyable, impactful, and productive. And our dedication to creating the ideal employee experience for our clients starts at home by fostering an environment of empathy, flexibility, and support. I am thrilled that this partnership will bring our clients, our organization, and our team members more opportunities for growth.”

– Simran Chaudhry, VP of Marketing & Sales and Co-founder of Creospark 

PixelMill and Creospark will continue their once-independent journeys together, helping clients of all shapes and sizes achieve digital employee experience excellence with more experts, more offerings, more flexibility, and more opportunities along the way.  

We're joining forces.

The greatest things are always better together.

PixelMill is a team of Microsoft 365 implementation experts with a passion for technology in pursuit of the ideal digital employee experience. ​​PixelMill plans, designs, develops and maintains beautiful and expertly architected employee experiences through holistic and humanized digital workspaces powered by Microsoft 365.

Creospark empowers businesses to work the way they want, whether in a physical office or together in the cloud. Our entire portfolio of solutions, spanning across Hybrid Office, Process Transformation and Secure Cloud, is built on a foundation of security and ease and helps every organization in every industry build resilience and improve their employee experience.