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Uncover which redundant tasks or processes eat away your employees' productivity. We will assist you to plan the migration and automation of that workflow to the Microsoft Power Platform. 


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This assessment offers a no-commitment, low-engagement consultation for which you will receive a one-page planning document, free of charge.

Review your current workflow or business process by one of our expert, in collaboration with your team

Power Platform automation recommendations and process analysis

Identify requirements and provide a high-level migration plan: 

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Did you know that we spend an average of 650 hours on emails a year and 13 hours a week? Most people are productive only about 60% of their available work time. That means that during a 5-day work week, only 3 of those days would result in productive time. 

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Take a look at our Power Platform explanation document to help you understand the power, flexibility and potential of the Microsoft automation tool

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